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Message from The East

“Message from The East” is a message of friendship and love from Indonesia, showing my works and my friend-Bertho Wanma's works during our residency in Eger, Hungary. This exhibition was fully sponsored by the Indonesia Institute of The Arts (ISI) Yogyakarta, Indonesia, in collaboration with Eszterházy károly Főiskola, Eger, Hungary.


I was inspired to preserve the memory during my stay in Hungary, by compiling images of objects that I found or saw into a composition and framed it into a form that represents Indonesian culture and tradition, such as Wayang Puppet, ‘Gunungan’, Balinese masks, Orchid and ‘kuda Lumping’. Besides with the medium of watercolour and black ink on paper, I also explored using the wax, inspired by the Batik process.


For the installation work, I hung a cut-out thick paper size 220 x 80 cm, shot it with harsh light from behind, and forming shadows on the thin white cloth which was put on the front of the cut-out paper, like the shadow puppet technique. Then there are works of assemblages of “helicopter” leaves, a type of leaf/plant in Hungary, with a shape like dragonfly wings and spinning when falling from the tree, just as a helicopter blade. The last one is the installation of bottles containing different sand collected from various places I visited during my trips within Europe.

Message from The East: Text
Message from The East: Selected Work
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