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Tracing the Invisible

This work explores the paradox of home in response to the increasing domestic violence cases during the COVID-19. The stay-home policy intended to reduce the spread of the virus, apparently has a hidden pressure. While for most people, home is a shelter, unfortunately for some other home can also be a source of fear.


I use tracing paper as my main material to form three-dimensional domestic objects, acknowledging its fragility as well as its capability to go through the process of being built-pressed-illuminated. The making process itself took me to the journey of feeling conscientious-disturbed-lost-yet being hopeful. Composed into three settings of rooms which are illuminated with lights, each pressed object exposes lines and layers as if they inherited meaningful memories.


In close correspondence with Indonesia-based organisations related to the issue, this artwork was developed to tell metaphorically the damage left by domestic violence that often occurs 'invisibly'. And more importantly, to question: how do we become more aware of those risks, take a stand and resiliently move forward?

Tracing The Invisible: Text
Tracing The Invisible: Selected Work
Room1 light.jpg
Room2 light.jpg
Room3 light.jpg

The Artmaking Process

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